Journal Scope and Aims

The Journal of Association of Greek Chemists (JAGC) aims to become an international, peer-reviewed journal, devoted to promoting the latest research and developments in a wide range of fields of chemistry. Starting in 2023 as an initiative of the Association of Greek Chemists, it is aiming to provide a unique platform for original research and scientific articles. Articles will be subjected to peer review by specialists in each field guided by distinguished Section Editors and prominent Greek researchers and academic staff.

During the initial stages, JAGC will cover primarily areas related but not limited to: Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry- Clinical Chemistry-Biotechnology, Chemical Technology, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry & Technology, Forensics-Toxicology, Food Chemistry and Technology, Green Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Nanochemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Radiochemistry and Education.

Submission Guidelines

Open word document for instructions


Publisher: Association of Greek Chemists
Editor-in-Chief: Professor Victoria Samanidou (
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Associate Professor Ioannis Katsogiannis (
Representative of Steering committee of AGC to the Editorial Board: Professor Athanasios Papadopoulos (

Please send manuscripts to the
Publishing Manager: Dr Spiros Kitsinelis (

Members of the Editorial Board:


Section Editors

Email addresses

Analytical Chemistry

Zachariadis George

Biochemistry- Clinical Chemistry-Biotechnology

Eleftheriadis Nikolaos

Chemical Technology

Karapantsios Theodoros

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Tzeli Demeter

Environmental Chemistry & Technology

Katsogiannis Ioannis


Kovatsi Leda-Kalliopi

Food Chemistry and Technology

Paraskevopoulou Adamantini

Green Chemistry

Triantafyllidis Konstantinos

Inorganic Chemistry

Hadjikakou Sotiris

Macromolecular Chemistry

Bikiaris Dimitrios

Materials Chemistry

Kyzas George

Medicinal Chemistry

Rassias Gerasimos

Natural Products Chemistry

Tarantilis Petros

Organic Chemistry

Neochoritis Konstantinos

Physical Chemistry

Tsiplakidis Dimitris


Noli Fotini

Chemical Education

Giannakoudakis Panagiotis

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